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Generic Medicine Program
P.O. Box 125
Doniphan, MO. 63935-0125

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PRESCRIPTION DRUG ASSISTANCE PROGRAM: Feel like you're between a rock and a hard place when it comes to paying for your prescription medications? Help is here. Finally, a Patient Assistance Program Where EVERYONE Qualifies - without all the paperwork hassles and waiting to be approved! We decided to take action and eliminate other programs eligibility rules so that no patient is denied help. Prescription program prices start at less than $5 a month, and patients can select from a wide variety of medications.

Generic Medicine Program is an easy and affordable way for people of all ages to get medicines they need. Everyone qualifies and enrollment is free to families and individuals of all ages nationwide, whether you have insurance or not. In some cases this program will be less expensive than your prescription drug co-pay. Through this program, you can get more than 2,000 generic medications that treat a wide range of conditions including diabetes, asthma, heart disease, and depression. Our program ensures low-cost, predictable pharmaceutical services for those taking maintenance drugs.

You Pay Only $5 or LESS for a Month Supply (Qty 30)
For Any Medicine on Program List A

(Our minimum order requirement is 90 tablets/capsules to maximize savings for you.)

Check Covered Drug List for your medicine/strength

Call the helpdesk at 1-800-939-7894 to request an Order Form mailed or faxed to you, a friend or family member.

Check back frequently as medicines covered on program are updated often.

Drugs on Program List will be added or removed periodically as drug manufacture prices change. Only the EXACT DRUG STRENGTH on the program list is covered on this program. Program list will be kept current with both NEW and deleted products. Please check frequently for new additions. If your medicine/strength is not on the program, you can ask your doctor if there is a generic drug available that will provide the same benefit. Please call our helpdesk at 1-800-939-7894 to make sure you have the newest list of medicines covered.

GenericMedicineProgram.com will save patients up to 95% or more on top brand name equivalent generic prescription drugs through licensed pharmacies in the USA, and have them mailed directly to your home or office without sacrificing safety, quality or service. Our commitment at GenericMedicineProgram.com is to help you live your life.
Generic Prescription Drugs Are SAFE

A licensed pharmacist in the USA fills all prescriptions with the same medications available from your local pharmacy. Enrollment is FREE and there are no hidden fees. All medications are shipped discreetly to your home, office or trusted friend or family member.

Generic Prescription Drugs Are AFFORDABLE

There is no cost to you to join Generic Medicine Program that offers you savings of up to 95% or more for brand name equivalent generic medicine. Your cost depends on which program cost list your medicine/strength is covered on, quantity ordered, and a small shipping charge of $5 for each package (not per drug) shipped to your home, office or trusted friend or family member. You can save even more by placing your spouse's order at the same time and advise us to ship them together. The more you order – the more you save. You Pay Only $5 or LESS for a month supply of drugs covered on Program List A. (Our minimum order requirement is 90 tablets/capsules to maximize savings for you.)

Program prices in most cases will be better than the new Medicare discount cards being offered! Generic Medicine Program is often able to save you additional money when you order in volume. Visit or call your doctor or clinic and get a WRITTEN prescription for each medicine needed: for example: 90-Day Supply, 180-Day Supply, 270-Day Supply or 360-Day Supply. This program was designed to help patients maximize their dollars spent on prescriptions.

Generic Prescription Drugs Are EASY To Order

It's easy to get medicines through Generic Medicine Program. First, see if the medicines for your health problems are on our Program List. Second, send your prescription, completed Generic Medicine Program Enrollment Order Form for each person ordering, and full payment to Generic Medicine Program by toll-free fax 24/7 1-888-812-5170 or by mail. Our Covered Program List Costs, in most cases, will be better than the new Medicare Discount Cards being offered. With Generic Medicine Program, there is NO cost to join, monthly fees, or contracts!

Generic Medicine Program News

What Others Are Saying: Organizations announce support for GenericMedicineProgram.com and challenge Americans to help inform those who will benefit. New program gives more than 107 million Americans an easy and affordable way to get prescription medicines. We encourage anyone who might benefit from lower cost generic drugs to learn more about Generic Medicine Program to see if it is right for them."

Volunteers Needed!

Caregivers, churches and social organizations are encouraged to utilize Generic Medicine Programs Patient Assistance Program.  Volunteers are needed to help spread the word to those who cannot afford the high costs of prescription medication. Send us an e-mail or call 1-800-939-7894 to request a free supply of Enrollment Order Forms mailed to you that are designed to provide the patient/applicant with information and an Enrollment Order Form for this program. The Enrollment Order Form can be downloaded and printed in English.
Be a Friend. Tell a Friend Program. Click here to e-mail this page to a friend or family member.

(Be sure to include enrollment order form for each person ordering, prescriptions and payment)

Available medicines are listed here



I was able to save OVER $500 per month on my drugs! This is the best program ever.


I am so thankful to have found help for my Mother’s medications.

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My children were paying for our medications, because we could not afford to buy them.


I just lost my job and insurance coverage last week.

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